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Morita Doji

хрупкие песни об одиночестве, меланхолии. я даже не знаю с кем ее сравнить, хотя знаю, но все равно..это такая величина, что странно, что она мало известна. хочется сравнить с Ником Дрейком. вот ее песня на ютьюбе. если понравится, то скачивайте все альбомы не задумываясь, их немного и они невыносимо прекрасны, проникают прямо в сердце.

Doji Morita (森田童子, Morita Dōji, born January 15, 1952) is a Japanese psych folk singer-songwriter.
She was 20 years old when a friend's death inspired her first album. She ended her career as musician in 1983, after giving a final concert in Tokyo.

"Dark, melancholic and ethereal female vocals. Stunningly great and getting rarer every minute....Will certainly appeal to fans of Comus, Asakawa Maki, Slap Happy Humphrey, Japanese psych heads and late night demonic acid folk adepts. I cannot stress enough the grandeur of Morita Doji, just over the top brilliant. She retired completely from the music scene and public view at the beginning of the eighties and will never appear again in the public spotlights, so here is your chance to lay yer hands upon her melancholic, late night and utterly desolate sound spheres. Highest recommendation. One of the all time best female vox records to emerge out of Japan of all times!!"

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